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How It Works

Property investment for most people is something they want to do but find challenging. The truth is that most investors struggle to get past the second property. To succeed in property investment you must partner with someone or a professional organisation that has industry experienced, impressive results and a passion for teaching others to follow in similar footsteps.

Our team will provide customised mentoring and follow up on a regular basis. You always have direct contact with our mentors 10 properties in 10 years. Each of our mentors know the EXACT steps with building your portfolio of 10 properties in 10 years.Leverage from our our experience to build your property empire!

See How Our Process Works, Step by Step

1. Initial Consultation: Understanding your journey so far.



One on one investment strategy discussion to understand your current personal position, financial position, investment experience, what your goals are and to see if we are going to be a great fit for each other. We want to ensure that we give ALL of our clients our best and our mission is important for us to impart as well, for this reason, we ‘handpick’ which clients we work with and have a list of 50 clients at this stage who will qualify for our mentoring.



2. Introduction to your tribe of finance advisors



Dependent on the outcome of your initial session, we will introduce you to the tribe of mentors at the 10 properties in 10 years group. They can add value to your situation through specific and tailored strategies. This session will be an intro to your very own personal finance broker.


3. 10 properties in 10 years formula and strategy presentation



Before looking at property it is important to understand how we will build your portfolio. During this session, we will reveal to you the specific strategies we used to build our portfolio. This presentation is done with you in front of your computer ONE ON ONE! This is your time to ask all the questions you want and go thought your own discovery journey. At the end of this presentation, if you qualify, you will get a chance to enrol into our mentoring process.


4. Investment strategy execution


Time to start! Here we will provide you with the research, data, facts, figures, stats, trends, numbers and supporting information to assist you in making an informed decision on which suburbs and cities we prefer our clients to look at. It is during this session that this becomes real and you take your first steps into true wealth!


5. Pick your property


Action time! Once we have decided together which suburb will fit your requirements, our experienced property sourcing team will give you at least 3 property solutions that fit your criteria – each with the post tax cashflow benefit to yourself after all expenses. With these projections in mind, YOU will decide which property will continue to shape your future and help you build your portfolio of 10 properties in 10 years.

Once you have picked your property, our finance team will ensure that you do not overpay for your property (ask us how!) and start working towards your finance application and hold your hand every step of the way and guide you to your first (of many) purchases. Once the building has started, we lease with the building managers to ensure a timely outcome.

Then we ensure that the steps are taken care of for you from a finance point of view and we then appoint an expert property manager as well as a professional hand over company to inspect your property. This will ensure that your property is of tenantable quality and free of defects.

Once this happens, the property manager then starts the process for advertising and leasing out your first (of many) properties!

6. Portfolio review and generational strategy planning


So whats next? Once you have a tenant in your property, we show you how you can claim even more cashflow on every payslip with a conversation with your accountant.

We then ensure you are following our ‘Mortgage terminator’ strategy so you can accelerate your property portfolio accumulation and start the real journey towards financial freedom and wealth creation.


7. Regular mentoring and coaching with life changing strategies!


Wealth creation is 80% psychology and 20% strategy, so now its time to work on that psychology part. During this process, we will recommend books for you to read, courses for you to attend and in general anything that we feel from our experience will help you create a major shift in your life.

You will be working one on one with a mentor or coach who will ensure that you are following the strategy laid out on day 1 and this person will keep you accountable and ensure that you have perspective on your decisions moving forward.

The consults will be quarterly and will include many aspects of what our team is passionate about – personal development.



For the last two years working closely with Goro I have nothing but praise. Not only is he a fantastic investment advisor but also a highly skilled mentor who has helped me in all aspects of life. I look forward to continuing to build the lifestyle I wish to live and leaving the nine to five rat race behind


My biggest obstacle as far as investing before talking with you guys was easily MY EDUCATION or lack of... I was a work hard for your money - buy a house and pay it off kind of guy who would acquire liabilities instead of assets... But NOW My mindset has changed incredibly, I look at so many different things in a positive way now. Buying this property has opened my eyes as to how to make money work for Me!