10 properties in 10 years Pledge

Our pledge to our clients and the standards we adhere to
  •  Helping you secure properties in what we believe (based on our research) is the right area to investin
  • Helping you do the full due diligence on every single property we present to you including a 5-page financial report on the outcomes for your personal situation
  • Creating a strategy for you that will potentially help you even in the face of a market correction
  • We receive a variable commission for every property you purchase through us and this is primarily

how we make an income (as we are not a charity!). Should you wish to know how much we receive,
please ask the person who you are working with when selecting the property


  • We source every property and conduct business with ETHICS and DEPENDABILITY and have this
    as our foremost priority over any commission we may receive
  • Educating you on what to look for when purchasing your own property
  • We do our best to minimize this risk and maximise returns
  • We are not providing financial planning advice for your specific scenario, we are educating you from

the results that our team has personally gained over the last 20 years of investment. We will be there
with you as long as you are a member to hold your hand and work with you to get these results


  • We will help you develop a borrowing and property acquisition strategy that allows you to secure as
    many properties as you can secure safely and give you advice on how to structure your mortgage
    and borrowings.
  • We are part of Property Investment Professional Association and adhere to the strict requirements

as set out by them.


  •  If we cannot refinance your current property (if applicable as per our strategy), OR cannot finance
    your new property purchase with the lenders due to unforeseen reasons with the lenders, then we
    will refund your COMMITMENT FEE ($997 or $19,997 depending on level of program you have
    enrolled with) less any transaction costs associated with Paypal.
  • Our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE (Gold program) means that if you are not satisfied with our services and have adhered to the conditions in your commitment below, we will refund to you your commitment fee less any transaction costs.


  •  Your COMMITMENT FEE (Gold Program) less any transaction costs associated with Paypal will be
    refunded to you within 60 days of settlement of your property transaction.
  • Our FIRST TENANT GUARANTEE (Gold Program) states that we will pay the rent equivalent to the market rate IF the property has not been tenanted for 1 calendar month after it is in management in a tenantable condition.
  • Our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE (Diamond program) means that if we cannot find tenants that fit the criteria to the value of AT LEAST the market rental rate of the new property within 60 days of tenancy, we will not only refund your initial deposit ($19,997) but also pay you a further $1,000 for your time!


Our Clients commitment and pledge to us


  • You understand that Investing does carry inherent risk.
  • We cannot predict the future and don’t have a ‘crystal ball’. (If you do, w*e would wish to acquire it for our own investment purposes.)
  • You choose to invest in this program and strategy on the understanding that your choices are up to you and you are not forced to do it.
  • You understand that we do not guarantee that you will be able to obtain 10 properties in 10 years as both market conditions and your personal circumstances may and most likely change.
  • You MUST be committed to making a change in your life as there will be many emotional roadblocks along the way, our team are experts at guiding you through that
  • You understand that we refer our finance advice on to Yellow Brick Road Preston.
  • In order to honour our satisfaction guarantee policy (Gold Program), you must look at least 4 different properties within the first month of enrolment with our team over the phone and internet OR at our Preston office with complete financials attached.
  • You MUST (Diamond program) use our builder and our preferred property management services with the specification required due to the type of tenant.
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