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Ethical Property Investments

Real-estate investment with a twist for regular property investors:

In the last decade, growing numbers of mum and dad property investors have begun earmarking the profits of real-estate ethical investing, and now you can too.

Ethical real-estate investment is a philanthropic project not only for the wealthy percentage of the population. Ordinary Australian’s yourself are today growing their wealth and achieving financial security and independence through this unique real-estate investment opportunity.

What is ethical real-estate property investment?

Ethical property investment is an exciting twist to real estate. It is not just about giving back. It is a unique way to securely expand your investment portfolio and attain long-term financial gains.

How does ethical property investment work?

Ethical Property Investment constructs and manages properties in outer areas of Melbourne suitable for residential living.
Tenants are females identified as high-risk homeless or who are escaping domestic violence as well as people with disabilities seeking suitable housing. Tenants living arrangements are managed exclusively in coordination with Ethical Property Investments and registered community and housing service providers.

Minimizing Ethical Property Real Estate risks.

For optimal real-estate financial returns, strict processes and measurements ensure the right tenant is allocated to the right property.
We ensure that tenant needs are considered during the design property stages and have built amenities to ensure long-term occupancy rates.
Most of our properties have a rental guarantee that is well above the market rent (in some cases 2-3X the property next door!!)

How can you benefit from ethical property investment?

Ethically conscious real-estate investors make a wise decision to invest in a growth-oriented property market. These residential homes provide minimal real-estate investment risk for small-scale investors.

What do small-scale investors get to gain?

On average an Ethical property investor can gain $800-$1200 per week on a property through our unique method of the tenancy.
These yields are between 5-8% (location dependent)

Getting the balance right, mitigating real estate investment risks in a growth market:

Ethical real estate property investor J.P shares his experience.

“I see Goro, CEO of Ethical Property Investments , as someone who does not just advise on investment, but who goes much deeper into thinking through what he is driving toward. He analyses community needs and then works to bring together the various elements that address those needs. In this instance, he has identified this specific demographic’s housing need, identified the agencies and organizations that can serve this need, then has brought together these agencies and organizations with investors such as myself, resulting in an effective combination of effort”.

You can now explore our upcoming Ethical Property Investment opportunities today and join small-scale property investors like J.P’s brief story and a contact form.

Your real-estate ethical investing property opportunities:

Dorren property – Located in Melbourne’s North Opening Soon
Werribee property – Located in Melbourne’s West – Schedule to open in December 2021


For (Number of years), we have helped transform not only the lives of small-scale investors like yourself but also the lives of women in our community by safeguarding them from homelessness and domestic abuse.
Like many of our customers, you may not have thought of such real-estate investments; by our customer’s experiences, we promise you too will be surprised by the learnings and the financial return our properties offer.

We invite you to take the ethical real-estate journey with us today. Click here to download our case study –

As an investor, we make it easy for you to build wealth and become financially independent through ethical real-estate investing.

Become an ethical real-estate investor today. Go ahead and enquire today about our upcoming Project.

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How our small-scale investors benefit:

  • Low-risk investment properties
  • Fully managed – With guaranteed immediate Tennant returns
  • High yield up to (  %)
  • Investment portfolio diversification


Our mission is to see you gain financial freedom and provide housing for vulnerable Australians facing homelessness and domestic abuse through the co-living arrangement.

Did you know:

Without urgent policy reform, more than 400,000 women over 45 are at risk of homelessness. According to the most recent census data, women in this age group are the fastest-growing sector to experience displacement due to low income, lack of super funds, domestic violence, and gender discrimination. Read more here.

ethical property investing is about doing good while making good money! – CEO Ethical Property Investing, Goro Gupta.

Do you qualify?

  • Are you looking to enter the property market?
  • Do you have a minimum of ($XYS) to invest in the property market
  • Do you need assistance with managing a property?

Please find out more by contacting us today!

We have a sense of satisfaction in being able to invest in something ethical and contributing to the social good of our community’ State Joseph and Lucy Phillipos, ethical real-estate investors since 2020. At Doreen, located in Melbourne’s North, property number two.

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