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Mortgage Broker Services in Melbourne

The team of professionals at 10 Properties in 10 Years specialise in guiding an everyday person for investing in properties and generating income. Our expert Melbourne mortgage brokers and mentors will not only advise you on generating wealth but also for going through the barrier to purchase 10 properties to attain a positive cashflow within 10 years, as well as create and manage your portfolio.

Our specialist home mortgage brokers in Melbourne will introduce you to multiple investors among which you can choose whose requirements are the most suitable for your criteria and financial goals. We will also offer you an outstanding access to new and proposed investment properties by securing appropriate pricing and terms for you.

Home Mortgage Broker

A Melbourne home mortgage broker at 10 Properties in 10 Years will comprehend your unique borrowing requirements and gain a detailed knowledge of your financial situation to compare the home loans available from our panel of lenders. This allows us to show you the investment deals best suitable for you.

Home Mortgage Brokers Melbourne

Our experts will provide you with all the information needed to allow you make a well-informed decision about the alternatives we have presented. With our exclusively tailored and personalised service, we can help our clients find the right investment properties, so they can get maximum financial satisfaction in the long-run.

Why Use 10 Properties in 10 Years?

Besides being high-calibre mortgage brokers, we are a team of knowledgeable mentors offering you the best financial solutions using our Property Mentoring Programs. Melbourne property investors choose us for the following prominent reasons.

Give You the Real Choice
Our Melbourne mortgage brokers can help you navigate the mortgage options and make the process of choosing the best option easier, alleviating any confusion and wastage of time.

Negotiate a Better Deal for You
You don’t have to wait for the availability of discounts on home mortgage. Our knowledgeable mentors can use their negotiation skills to get you the best mortgage package.

Help You Avoid Hefty Pitfalls
Hidden fees, insurance, penalties, and borrowing capacity are some of the major pitfalls related to setting up your mortgage. We can guide you throughout the loan application process and ensure there are no malicious surprises.

Guide to Reduce Mortgage Faster
Loan structures can be the biggest influence on the real cost of mortgage. We can introduce you to the most suitable loan structure to pay off your mortgage faster and guide you to minimise the tax you pay.

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Whether you want to use your property as a rental or sell it on a satisfying return, we can show you how you can attain even more cashflow on every deal. We will further review your investment plan to allow you accelerate your portfolio using our ‘Mortgage Terminator’ strategy so you can start a real journey toward financial success.

At 10 Properties in 10 Years, you will work with a one-on-one mentor or life coach who will ensure you follow the investment strategy settled on the day 1 and keep you accountable by ensuring you have an outlook on your decisions proceeding. Reach out to our property advisor in Melbourne by calling us at 1300 617 677 and schedule an in-person consultation.

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