Not all financial advisors work the same way. At 10 Properties in 10 Years, the property advisor in Melbourne specialise in providing independent financial advice to professionals and everyday persons. We will help you plan your investment for the first property and how to use it to generate revenue and invest it further to multiply your income through real estate.

Our experienced team of specialist financial advisors in Melbourne has helped a large number of people with planning their finance by tailoring the strategy to best suit their goals and circumstances.

We take the time to understand where you are standing right now financially and where you want to end up to allow you prioritise your goals and access the range of options available for you.

Financial Planning Services

Financial planning advice can benefit you at any stage of your life. Whether you are at the beginning of your career, ready to adopt good financial habits or you are down at life’s road, trying to manage ways to pay off mortgage and establish a lifestyle for your children’s future or you simply want to ensure your retirement is something you dreamt of.

Whatever the reason you have, consulting a financial planning consultant can help you take control of your assets and create a future you can look forward to.

After putting our clients’ financial strategies into action, our professionals of wealth management in Melbourne review their investment portfolio regularly. You can also review your portfolio whenever you choose. We do our best to offer our clients a sense of satisfaction by holding face-to-face consultation and meetings to discuss their investment and financial matters, so they can always get professional support and advice whenever they need.

What You’ll Get

At 10 Properties in 10 Years, our expert financial advisors offer:

Easily understandable financial advice

A personalized financial plan – based on your goals and financial circumstances

Portfolio creation

Transparent costs and fees

Affordable and proactive advice

Regular reviews to make sure the plan is in line with the goals

How We Can Help

We believe everyone should be able to receive unbiased financial advice. Across Melbourne, we bring together the expertise and knowledge you need to create a smooth financial plan to help you throughout the bumps on life’s road.

Our expert investment advisors in Preston, Melbourne understand the financial voyage isn’t the same and easy for everyone. Our majority of clients are everyday people, ranging from executives and doctors to employees with average income, families, and students. Therefore, our first priority is to tailor each financial plan to suit their unique requirements and situations. Call us at 1300 617 677 and schedule an in-person consultation.