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One-on-one investment strategy discussion to understand your current personal position, financial position, investment experience, what your goals are and to see if we are going to be a great fit for each other. We want to ensure that we give ALL of our clients our best and our mission is important for us to impart as well, for this reason, we ‘handpick’ which clients we work with and have a list of 50 clients at this stage who will qualify for our mentoring.



Dependent on the outcome of your initial session, we will introduce you to the tribe of mentors at housing hub Preston 10 properties in 10 years group. They can add value to your situation through specific and tailored strategies. This session will be an intro to your very own personal finance broker.



Before looking at property it is important to understand how we will build your portfolio. During this session, we will reveal to you the specific strategies we used to build our portfolio. This presentation is done with you in front of your computer ONE ON ONE! This is your time to ask all the questions you want and go thought your own discovery journey. At the end of this presentation, if you qualify, you will get a chance to enrol into our mentoring process.



Once we’ve presented you the formula and strategy, it’s time to put your investment plan into action. Our experienced team of finance advisors will guide you through the process, helping you make informed decisions as you embark on your property investment journey on housing hub Preston, Melbourne. With their expertise and ongoing support, you’ll be on track to achieve your financial goals and build a successful portfolio for the future. Let’s turn your dreams into reality, one property at a time!



Action time! Once we have decided together which suburb will fit your requirements, housing hub Preston experienced property sourcing team will give you at least 3 property solutions that fit your criteria – each with the post tax cashflow benefit to yourself after all expenses. With these projections in mind, YOU will decide which property will continue to shape your future and help you build your portfolio of 10 properties in 10 years.



So what’s next? Once you have a tenant in your property, we show you how you can claim even more cashflow on every payslip with a conversation with your accountant.

We then ensure you are following our ‘Mortgage Terminator’ strategy so you can accelerate your property portfolio accumulation and start the real journey towards financial freedom and wealth creation.



At “10 Properties in 10 Years,” our commitment to your success doesn’t end after you’ve built your property portfolio. Through our regular mentoring and coaching sessions, we provide you with ongoing guidance and life-changing strategies to adapt to the dynamic real estate market. Our expert advisors will help you refine your investment approach, tackle challenges, and capitalize on opportunities, ensuring you stay on track to achieve your financial aspirations. With our continuous support, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to thrive in the ever-evolving world of property investment.

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Investing in a property can be difficult and taxing for some people who have no clue about the necessary steps to take. What if we can help you invest in not one but multiple properties over a few years? It might seem daunting for new investors at first. However, with the help of our professional mentors, you can easily create a massive property portfolio and have a substantial cash flow in the later years.

Housing hub Preston team of experienced property mentors can help you overcome the tough challenges of investing in different properties. From getting in touch with the sellers to professionally negotiating the closing costs of properties, we can offer reliable services to all clients. Reach out to 10 Properties in 10 Years if you want to build a positive cash flow and plan to buy multiple investment properties. To save the trouble of managing a property portfolio on your own, contact and hire a reliable property advisor in Melbourne today.

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Australia’s Award Winning

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What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying property in general before you got in touch with 10 Properties?

The major obstacle was fear and lack of knowledge of the market. Which area is good to invest and whether i am ready for investing at this stage or not. What will happen if...

Ankit Seth

Hi Bill, Goro and the 10 properties in 10 years team, I just thought I would share my story with others so we could help others inspire themselves to move forward with property –

My family and I first migrated..


What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying property in general before you got in touch Goro? I wouldn’t have even thought about it and would never have thought that I would be ‘eligible’ to do so.

How did your mindset shift as a result of buying this property? That there is good debt...

Sanjeev Monga

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