1. What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying property in general before you got in touch with 10 Properties?

The major obstacle was fear and lack of knowledge of the market. Which area is good to invest and whether i am ready for investing at this stage or not. What will happen if i loose my money in investing in wrong property. Lack of knowledge of rules and regulation for investing. 10 properties really helped me to clarify all my doubts and provided me the right suggestions for investment by providing me statistics for next 5 years or so. I felt more confident and fearless in investing after talking to them.

2. How did your mindset shift as a result of buying this property?

When i got in touch with 10 properties for suggesting me right areas of investment not only they removed my fear but also gave me great ideas of how i would be saving by investing in right areas and save taxes. The professionalism shown by them and care they took to understand my interest and needs for investment was great and it made me confident enough to get into the market without fear.

3. What specifically do you like about your new property?

The amount i spend as investment and the benefits i will be receiving out of it is great. Really happy with mentoring and my investment.

4. What would be three other benefits about both the property and the mentoring?

a. Gained knowledge that will help me to grow further in investing and make 10 properties in 10 years 🙂

b. Tax savings and other related benefits

c. Opportunity to grow passive income

5. Would you recommend this company? If so, why?

Definitely. I have and would recommend this company to everyone in interest as they not only mentor and guide you professionally at each step but take pain and be with you always at each step of your investment journey. Great work.

6. How could we make things even better? What else would you like to see us do?

I would like to give suggestion to provide regular updates on the progress to the client via emails and future prospect or plans for the investment.

7. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Nope. All is said on top questions.


Ankit Seth

Hi Bill, Goro and the 10 properties in 10 years team,

I just thought I would share my story with others so we could help others inspire themselves to move forward with property –

My family and I first migrated to Australia in 2002, we moved into a rental property as we were new to the country and unsure about our plans. We had always dreamt of the Australian dream – which was to own our own house.

Coming from a country where we had worked for decades and not been able to afford property, our minds were set on owning not only one property but many. The only challenge was that we had absolutely no one to guide us when we were young. Luckily, we met Goro and Bill.

Once my wife and I had stable full time work, we met with Bill & Goro and started to discuss our options around property, they provided us with the advice we needed on finance strategies and providing great insight into the property market.

It took us only 12 months from our initial conversation, to purchase our first property in Lalor, then as our family continued to grow, we then moved into a larger family home in Mill Park only, 18 months later.

I consider myself a simple man with moderate dreams, however when I look back on this journey of over 13 years, I realise that this has been quite integral to building wealth not only for myself, but for my children as well.

Through this journey, we were able leave our day job and invest into our own business, while still allowing us to invest further into property through our both our savings as well as our Self-Managed Super Fund.

We are glad we put our trust and faith in both Goro and Bill, because without this, we wouldn’t be able to live in our dream house in Epping, and have a large property portfolio of 8 properties worldwide.

I can say this quite openly and congruently, that had we not had the continuous guidance and advice from Bill & Goro, we would not be able to enjoy the life we have now, from being self-employed, to living in our dream home and now assisting our children with their plans for the future.

Thank you again Bill & Goro,


1. What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying property in general before you got in touch Goro? I wouldn’t have even thought about it and would never have thought that I would be ‘eligible’ to do so.

2. How did your mindset shift as a result of buying this property? That there is good debt and bad debt. I still struggle a little with this, but I have learnt that you need to spend money to make it and there are responsible ways to do this.

3. What specifically do you like about your new property? I was surprised at how nice it was and the area that it was in. Infact I was quite taken by it and whilst this is an investment property, I feel that this is a place that I could live – and my standards for my living space is high.

4. What would be three other benefits about both the property and the mentoring? 1: That it was manageable and it was a ‘safe’ bet. 2: That I could think outside my old ways of thinking and realise that it was only me that was holding myself back. (This is an ongoing process). 3: That the property was nice! That I could actually invest in something of value that I felt was nice enough to live in myself.

5. Would you recommend this company? If so, why? Yes because I feel they understood my needs and ambitions

6. How could we make things even better? What else would you like to see us do? N/A

7. Is there anything you’d like to add?N/A

anjeev Monga

Hi Chris,

As per our discussion a few weeks back, I wanted to obtain your approval for a testimonial, please see below;


I can’t thank-you enough for your guidance & support over the past few months and I really appreciate all that you have done for me.

As you know, I have tried investing in property previously, however the experience was not as enjoyable, forcing me to sell the property.

My BIG dream is to ultimately, leave my current job so I can I continue farming as it is my passion, but without clear direction and solid plan in place, I realized it was going to stay a dream.

It wasn’t until your mentoring, that I was able to see a way to move forward, where I can invest my money into a property that provides a strong cashflow and also, by adding in the right loan structure to pay off my farm in the next 5-7 years.

I look forward to continue building my property portfolio with you in the future and I strongly recommend 10 Properties in 10 Years, to anyone who is seeking to become a real property investor!

Thanks Again & Best Wishes,

Chris Schmidt

Hi Team

Good morning,

Hope you all doing well. I am very fortunate to attend bali diamond event. This event was organised very well. Villa was really great with naturally surrounded. It was pleasure to have all minded people around. lot off fun , special learning . Valuable discussion about tax , different strategies ,Great time spend with great people around and hopefully I am planning to go bali again next year with family.

Feeling very energetic. Specially exited about platinum program announcement.

Thank you so much again goro and Sejal for your valuable time.

Talk to you soon.


re Bali mastermind

Dear Goro,

When I initially started speaking to you, about 16 months ago, I never imagined how the journey would start or begin.

I know, I wanted to invest in property, however I was unsure about which direction to take and how to make it happen.

Through your coaching and mentoring, I learnt so much about the real estate market & how to think like an investor, it was a complete game changer for me.

It comes with great satisfaction, I can now say that our efforts combined, have resulted in me securing, my second property in the last 9 months.

This is a Massive result, by anyone’s standards and I know, it would not have been entirely possible unless, i had a solid team of experts, behind me like you guys.

Once again, thanks Team & I look forward to what the future holds.

Best Regards

(ps dave is now 18 months later, talking to us about his 3rd property. He is a great case study as he is an electrical engineer, not earning a riodiculous amount of money and is a really switched on guy.)


To the Team at 10 Properties in 10 years,


It was just over a year ago that I clicked on a Facebook ad, looking for some expert guidance on how to enter into the high-income ethical housing property market.

I was introduced to investing in NDIS by your team who helped me decide on the SMART way to invest in the NDIS.

While there were others offering higher returns, I chose your team because I felt the integrity in what you had along with a complete ‘done for you package’ along with your partners at empowered liveability.

You didn’t just show me an option that was benefiting you, but something that was SAFE for me too!

The ongoing mentoring and coaching calls allowed me to have a long-term strategy to generate wealth for me that I really could not have even dreamt. Remarkable that it all started from a Facebook like.

I am now at a stage where not only do I have an appreciating asset, but one that pays more than DOUBLE the income of the property next door.

Looking back now It’s been a wonderful experience working with you, and I am already looking forward to working on my next projects with you. And a special thanks for their finance team.

Chandramouli Guggilam

I’ve been a property investor for over 10 years now, a journey that has been positive as well as negative at times. Over the last year I had been thinking a lot about my next purchase. Where would I buy, what would I buy, what size home would it be, and what market would I target, or should I look at something completely different.

I was talking to a colleague of mine telling him what I was thinking about, and at that point he told me about a colleague of his called Goro who was thinking outside of the box and embarking on a different investment property concept. This interested me a lot and I was keen to hear more.

A few days later I received a call from Goro, he introduced himself, and after listening to what I was looking for, he filled me in on his investment property concept.

Here we have an entrepreneur who is committed and passionate about helping not only the average Australian family build a property portfolio, but also helping people in need of accommodation. Goro’s vision is to help single homeless women, and people with disabilities to live in a home that they can feel safe in, and become a member of the community. A ground breaking initiative that nobody has ever thought of before, and one that has the support of the Federal Minister for Housing and the NDIS.

Along with Goro’s wealth of knowledge in the investment property space, his vast networks and his undying passion and commitment to help the average Australian build a property portfolio confirmed in my mind that I could not go wrong in engaging Goro’s company 10Propertiesin10Years to help me on my next purchase. That being a home that I could tenant out to single elderly women looking for accommodation, and as a bonus Goro sourced a suitable block of land at a lower price point that can be expected in today’s current market.

Goro, thank you for passion and commitment to help me with my next purchase, I sincerely appreciate it.


Angelo Luczek