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Did you know that 95% of Aussie investors don’t have more than 2 investment properties?
We are a team of EXPERTS who specialise in guiding our select group of clients to purchase and create a property portfolio…


Well, we can’t release our secret strategies here, but we promise that it’s all quite simple once you have the long term guidance to find out how.
Our coaches will teach you how to do it and guide you on every step of the way, all you…


Everyone wants 10 properties in 10 years or less, but do you qualify?
Here are some pointers to see if you do – just some ideas, but you do not need to qualify for all of them:…


For the last two years working closely with Goro I have nothing but praise. Not only is he a fantastic investment advisor but also a highly skilled mentor who has helped me in all aspects of life. I look forward to continuing to build the lifestyle I wish to live and leaving the nine to five rat race behind


My biggest obstacle as far as investing before talking with you guys was easily MY EDUCATION or lack of... I was a work hard for your money - buy a house and pay it off kind of guy who would acquire liabilities instead of assets... But NOW My mindset has changed incredibly, I look at so many different things in a positive way now. Buying this property has opened my eyes as to how to make money work for Me!  


Can You Tell The Difference Between These Properties?

Both look like a new property development. Both look shiny, modern and new. Both look like they could be built for an investment. But Under The Covers, They Are Very Different. In your property portfolio they make a HUGE difference. In fact, one of these properties...

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