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40 Financial Experts Reveal If Investing In Real Estate Is Worth It

There are a few reasons I would invest in real estate in Australia. Interest rates are still BELOW where they were just 3 years ago.

1. Australians hold real estate as their preferred wealth creation tool, and would rather sell their cars before selling their own homes

2. Politicians hold a massive amount of wealth in property, and our policies are structured to hold up the capital value of real estate.

3. Compared to other assets such as crypto and the stock market, the average high and lows of the property market are muted, hence why leverage of 80-90% borrowing works very well here in Australia.

4. Our banking system ensures that in (most) cases, the right person gets the right loan and is able to pay this loan back at upto 3% of where the market sits currently

5. The best type of property to invest in is a cashflow positive property, returning higher than 4% yield.