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Can You Tell The Difference Between These Properties?

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  • Both look like a new property development.
  • Both look shiny, modern and new.
  • Both look like they could be built for an investment.

But Under The Covers, They Are Very Different.

In your property portfolio they make a HUGE difference.

In fact, one of these properties could mean you could buy 3 more properties in the next 3 years. Buying the other, could mean you struggle to get finance for ANY new properties in the next 3 years.

The answer is simple. One COSTS $10,000 a year and the other CREATES a passive income of $48,000 a year!!

That’s Right, A $58k Difference.

Yes, Both properties are in the same estate in Melbourne. One costs the average investor $800 a month and the other GIVES the average investor $4,000 a month (all before taxes of course). I’m talking cashflow here, before we even talk about any capital growth.

Heres the question, how hard have you worked to create a passive income? Most people spend literally their whole lives trying to save up enough for the bank to return them that kind of money each year.

Imagine for a moment if that could be done for you in 1 year! Imagine that if on top of that you could take part in the gains that typical land owner has been getting in Melbourne (ie ridiculous).

Whats the difference? The difference is something the team have been working on furiously over the last few months. We want to change the lives of how a certain percentage of population live, and as part of it, we have certain spots left in Melbourne where there is enough demand to get a guaranteed return of about $48,000 a year after management fees and loans.

This isn’t AirBnB, Defence Housing or Mining Towns.

We have created a unique system of creating this and are first to market. We don’t believe the opportunity will be around that long and the clients who get in quick will reap the rewards for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about how a positively geared property like these can impact your portfolio – get in touch with a reliable investment advisor in Melbourne or watch this short training video to see the full impact of what a property like this could mean for your wealth creation and passive income strategies.

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DISCLAIMER: The information presented is not specific or even general advice, it simply represents a case study to where we believe the figures are accurate at the time or writing / recording. Your personal circumstances are different. For more information, please contact the team at 10 properties in 10 years.